stock-illustration-78789805-tpp-trans-pacific-partnership-and-various-trading-goods-servicesOur firm recently became one of two sponsors of Washington International Trade Association (WITA)’s TPP Series. The series aim to convene diverse stakeholders in the TPP game to discuss various aspects of the ambitious agreement over the next few months. The first event launched on November 19 at WITA’s home in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in DC. Day 1 comprised of two panels: one covering the view from Washington through analyses by trade and economic experts, and the other offered perspectives by four TPP member countries – Japan, Mexico, Peru and New Zealand.

The sold Signout room for the kickoff event demonstrated the significant amount of attention that is paid to this-so-called “living” agreement, and everyone is eager to find out what will happen next, such as on the domestic ratification processes by each member country, and how additional interested countries can partake in the pact. There are numerous topics to be discussed about the agreement, including the digital economy, cybersecurity, intellectual property, manufacturing, etc., and all of them will likely be touched on, and some deliberated more in-depth, at the upcoming events.

WITA has already scheduled the 2nd event, on December 9, that will focus on the Impact on Consumers. Register for the event soon, as based on the turnout today, seats will sell out fast. We hope to see you at the next discussion. Don’t be left out in the cold!