The European Permanent Representatives Committee (COREPER) has approved amendments with regard to EU rules that govern the sale and export of goods that can be used for capital punishment or torture. The proposed amendments to Regulation 1236/2005 include:

  • A prohibition on the brokering of equipment, which is subject to a ban and listed in Annex II, to cover transfers of goods which are not located in the EU
  • The introduction of a prior authorisation regime for brokering services and technical assistance for Annex III and IIIA goods
  • A prohibition on the transit of goods listed in Annex II, and any of the goods listed in Annex III or IIIA, if the transporter knows that the goods will be used for torture or capital punishment
  • A prohibition on the advertisement and promotion at exhibitions and trade fairs of goods listed in Annex II
  • The establishment of a coordination group, which serves as a platform for Member States and the Commission to exchange information on administrative practices

The amendments are scheduled to be approved by the European Parliament in September 2016, and will then be submitted to the Council for adoption.