European Union flags in front of the blurred European Parliament in Brussels, BelgiumA complimentary invitation for the European Society of International Law (ESIL), Economic Law Interest Group’s online workshop, “International Economic Law between Emergencies and Reforms” for September 9, 2020 from 9:30-17:00 CEST is enclosed.

Our colleague based in Brussels, will be one of the speakers at this workshop. They will focus on whether the missing EU foreign direct investment (FDI) screening framework was a purposeful policy choice or the cost of a compromise, during “Panel 2: Screening of Foreign Direct Investment.”

In addition, the following topics will be covered during the full day workshop:

Panel 1: Investment Law and COVID-19

  • State Positive Obligations under International Investment Law in Time of Health Emergencies
  • Investors’ Rights in Times of Crisis: Justifying Anti-Pandemic Expropriatory Measures and the Frustration of Legitimate Expectations under International Investment Law
  • International Investment Law after the Covid-19 Emergency: What Role for the Foreign Investment Contract?
  • Covid-19 and Foreign Investment Policies: Stricter Control on Foreign Investment and China’s Response
  • COVID-19 Crisis and Screening of Foreign Direct Investments in EU Privatized Companies

Panel 2: Screening of Foreign Direct Investment

  • COVID-19 and the Protection of Critical Assets: The Screening of Investment in Developing Countries
  • State-Owned Enterprises as Targets of the EU FDI Screening Regulation
  • FDI Screening in the European Union
  • Investment Screening and the Right to be Heard – The Role of Counter-Evidence Presented by Investors

Panel 3: Trade Law and COVID-19

  • Kick-off Speech: Safeguard measures in WTO Law – Article XIX of the GATT and Coronavirus
  • Preparing for the Covid-19 Patent Lawfare: Compulsory Licensing and the Production and Trade of Novel Treatments and Vaccines
  • Local Working Requirements after Covid-19: Time to Clarify?
  • Pandemics and the Redefinition of Essential Security Interests in Trade Law
  • Food security as an essential security interest in time of pandemic: towards rethinking the concept of national security?
  • COVID-19 disinformation as a trade barrier
  • Export restrictions to face critical shortages in times of Pandemics: the need for a new international governance framework in the WHO and WTO

Panel 4: Reforming the Appellate Mechanism of the WTO System

  • Improving a necessary WTO Appellate Body as a complement to reforming an indispensable WTO dispute settlement system
  • The Appellate Body of the WTO: Inherent judicial spirit and necessary dynamic view – The case of the ‘measure’ in WTO law
  • Inherent and Implied Powers of WTO MPIA Arbitrators
  • Please, Reboot – Small Economies and the WTO Appellate Mechanism in Times of Trade
    War and COVID-19
  • The Future of State to State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in Trade Agreements: More Legalized or rather Diplomatic

The workshop is convened by the following academics:

  • Prof. Elisa Baroncini, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna
  • Prof. Holger Hestermeyer, King’s College
  • Prof. Catharine Titi, CNRS-CERSA, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas
  • Prof. Marina Trunk-Fedorova, St. Petersburg State University
  • Prof. Peter-Tobias Stoll, University of Göttingen

See the full workshop program here.

Join the workshop via Zoom. No registration needed.

Meeting ID: 924 0942 9015
Passcode: 318672