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CFIUS Filing Terminated: HNA Innovation Finance Group Co. Ltd. (China) and US Assets from Glencore plc

Status: Terminated Acquirer: HNA Innovation Finance Group Co., Ltd. (China) Acquired: US assets from Glencore plc Value: Approx. US$196 million Industry: Oil and Gas; Logistics UPDATE: In September 2018, Glencore plc and HNA Innovation Finance Group Co. Ltd. “agreed to terminate the sale” of its U.S. assets. (Glencore plc, Annual Report 2018 at 176.)  News … Continue Reading

CFIUS Filing Withdrawn; Abandoned & Restructured: IDG Energy Investment Group and Assets from Stonegate Production Company

Status:  Withdrawn; Abandoned & Restructured   Acquirer:  IDG Energy Investment Group Limited (Bermuda; Hong Kong SAR, China) Acquired:  Assets from Stonegate Production Company, LLC (US) Value:  Approximately US$278 million Industry:  Oil & Gas… Continue Reading

CFIUS Clearance: Technip S.A. and FMC Technologies

Status:  Clearance   Acquirer:  Technip S.A. (France) Acquired:  FMC Technologies, Inc. (US) Value:  US$13 Billion Industry:  Oil and Gas   On October 7, 2016, FMC Technologies, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, and Technip S.A., a French société anonyme, received approval from CFIUS that there are no unresolved national security concerns with respect to their proposed mergers.  … Continue Reading