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UK Export Control Organisation (ECO) Updates Sixteen Open Licences

The UK ECO has published a notice that it has updated and amended 16 open licences including 13 open general export licences (OGELs), two open general transshipment licences (OGTLs) and an open general trade control licence (OGTCL). The reason for the change is due to a planned update to the Military List to reflect the … Continue Reading

ECO Amends Maritime Antipiracy Open General Trade Control Licence (OGTCL)

This OGTCL has been amended to reflect developments and changes in the maritime antipiracy sector. This licence provides, subject to certain conditions, export licensing coverage for maritime antipiracy services that transit through “high risk areas”. The licence enables those who have registered to use it, to supply, deliver or transfer any of the controlled goods listed in Schedule 1 between … Continue Reading