Europe_Globe_No_PinsOn May 23, 2016, the European Parliament (EP) Committee on International Trade engaged in discussions on strategy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran in the wake of the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions against the country, and made several suggestions to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and called for their integration into its motion for a resolution. The Committee on International Trade has taken a view that increased trade ties between the European Union and Iran present an opportunity for encouraging reform and an end to the country’s self-imposed isolation. The Committee maintains that rekindling of trade ties must be done with the understanding that doing so will result in improvements in human rights and fundamental freedoms. Lastly, the Committee has called on the EU to consider a restart of Iran’s accession talks to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as its membership in this group would encourage a further liberalisation and growth of the country’s economy through interaction with other markets within the structure of a rules-based system.