On 9 January 2017, the ECO published new guidance on how to use SPIRE to get an export licence. The guidance sets out the various steps required for completion before exports can use SPIRE. These steps include registering and having available: the EORI number; the export control classification of the items in question; the supporting technical documentation to confirm the classification; the physical site from which the export will be made; whether the movement of the items is an export, an activity related to brokering or transshipment via the UK; the type of licence that the exporter wants to apply or register for; the basis for the end-use of the items in situations where the exporter has been informed by the ECO or HMRC that his or her goods require a licence; details of any third parties, such as agents or distributors; the ultimate end-use destination and end user of the items; and finally, if the items are components and the function and purpose of the system in which they will be used.