The ECO has announced that it has updated and amended six open general export licences (OGELs) in order to reflect the amendments to the Export Control Order 2008, which came into force on 22 February, and the replacement of Schedule 1 to the OGEL for printed circuit boards (PCB) and components for military goods. The new licences came into force on 1 March 2017. Exporters who no longer meet the terms and conditions of a particular licence will need to de-register from the licence via SPIRE. In summary: (1) control list classification PL5017 has been removed from five of the amended OGELs, and exporters still need to complete an annual return at the end of the calendar years in December if they have been using OGELs to export PL5017 goods during 2017; and (2) the range of PCBs and components for military goods featuring in Schedule 1 to that OGEL has been considerably extended to include a wide range of additional minor components for equipment controlled in ML5, ML6, ML9, ML10 and ML11. The ECO’s notice can be accessed online as well as the amended OGELs.