On 11 April 2018, the Export Council Joint Unit (ECJU) published a new Open General Export Licence (OGEL) applicable to information security items. The purpose of this OGEL is to allow the export of “low risk” information security items deploying encryption to a wide range of destinations.

On the same date, the ECJU amended 26 OGELs to reflect new contact details of the ECJU and Ministry of Defence. The scope of all the amended OGELs remains the same. The military and dual-use OGELs updated are: certified companies, export for exhibition: military goods, exports or transfers in support of UK government defence contracts, exports under the US-UK Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty, historic military vehicles and artillery pieces, military components, military goods, software and technology, military goods: Collaborative Project Tycoon, military goods, software and technology: government or NATO end use, military surplus vehicles, vintage aircraft, exports in support of joint strike fighter: F-35 Lightning II, military goods: A400M Collaborative Programme, chemicals, cryptographic development, export after exhibition: dual use items, export after repair/replacement under warranty: dual use items, export for repair/replacement under warranty: dual use items, low value shipments, oil and gas exploration: dual use items, technology for dual use items, specified dual use items (X), PCBs and components for dual use items, military and dual use: UK forces deployed in embargoed destinations, military and dual use goods: UK forces deployed in non-embargoed destinations, exports of non-lethal military and dual use goods: to UK diplomatic missions or consular posts.