UK FlagThe UK Committees on Arms Export Controls are conducting an inquiry examining the government’s 2017 Strategic Export Controls Annual Report. On June 24, 2019, both HMRC and the ECJU gave written evidence for the inquiry. 

In its evidence, HMRC gives insights into:

  • The approach to considering what enforcement activity, e.g., criminal prosecution, warning letters and penalties, is appropriate
  • Determining levels of fines
  • Prosecution statistics for recent years
  • The scope of HMRC’s jurisdiction in relation to export control
  • Interactions with counterparts in other countries
  • Planning for export controls in light of Brexit

The ECJU comments on:

  • Assessing license applications and maintaining the strategic export control list
  • Scientific advice available to the ECJU
  • Identifying emerging technologies as potentially being dual use
  • Government-to-government exports relationships

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