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UK to Vote on “Magnitsky” Sanctions Against Human Rights Violators

UK Parliamentarians will be voting on the introduction of unilateral sanctions targeting human rights violators, under similar provisions as are in force in the US under the Magnitsky Act. Should the Magnitsky Agreement be passed, it would empower the UK government and private parties to apply to the UK High Court for the UK assets … Continue Reading

UK Government Forced to Take Brexit to Parliament

By judgment of 24 January 2017, the UK Supreme Court has dismissed the government’s appeal against the Divisional Court’s judgment in R (on the application of Miller & Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. The court has held that parliamentary authority in the form of an Act of Parliament is required for the government … Continue Reading

Sugar’s Beef with the TPP: Outcomes of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement for Australian Agribusiness

Touted as the largest trade agreement in history, the TPP involves 12 Pacific Rim countries which collectively represent 40% of global GDP. That equates to US$28 trillion dollars and 800 million people. Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb claimed the agreement will usher in a new era of economic growth and opportunity across the fast-growing Asia-Pacific … Continue Reading

UK Issues Terrorist Asset-Freezing Act 2010 (TAFA) Report

Under the TAFA, the UK Treasury must produce a quarterly report (the “Report”) for Parliament on the functioning of the UK’s asset-freezing regime. The Report comments on the UK implementation of the UN Al-Qaida asset-freezing regime, which operates pursuant to the Al-Qaida (Asset-Freezing) Regulations 2011. The report provides an overview of the status of various … Continue Reading